360 Ocyan View – Interactive pdfs

The way we relate to our clients sets us apart, and that is why we are always thinking of what may further make their lives easier, even when we are not present. This was the inception of the 360 Ocyan View, one of the services that accompanies our structural design projects, which makes viewing, assembly and even simulation in physical space much easier. We are dividing this chapter into three parts: (Part I – instruction manual; Part 2 – 360 Ocyan View interactive pdf; Part 3 – augmented reality) to talk about each of the features with all the necessary detail.

02. Interactive pdfs.

In order for our clients to get a true sense of the final result of their three-dimensional projects, Ocyan has created a unique pdf with a system that allows the user to visualise all the views, fittings and materials according to the navigation that they decide to make across the document by themselves. The 3D view – which Ocyan has called 360 Ocyan View – tracks all of our structural design budgets and the result could not be better. With 360 Ocyan View there is no room for doubt! Each material is represented with the right thickness, with the necessary cuts and half-cuts for the texture of the material, everything fits perfectly and the client can see it in this pdf. We work in partnership with our clients, whether they be brands or agencies, to make the best work out of their projects. Always!